Company Profile


GlobeSherpa is quintessentially Portland, and they’re tackling a major hassle for public transportation users everywhere: A quick and convenient way to buy tickets.

Their mobile ticketing platform fits the mold of an ideal local startup, targeting a market Portland is famous for and bringing a modernized solution to impact livability within the community.

When GlobeSherpa came to OAF, they had just won the opportunity to pilot their first platform with Tri-Met, and needed funding to deploy in Portland and other North American metros.

We knew they were onto something, so to lead our initial investment we put them in the capable and technological hands of Scott Grout (who grew Radisys to $300M in revenue and now runs Cedexis) and David Nelsen (co-founder of Giftango), who would provide a trove of expertise in transaction processing.

Soon after, GlobeSherpa was dealt a massive hit: A lawsuit from a primary competitor. When the company needed to raise funds quickly to defend its IP, OAF investors stuck by their side, loaning over $400K, and turning a giant problem into a mere roadblock.

Year Founded


Year Invested

We got through this period first and foremost because of the generosity and faith of our most loyal investors, including several OAF members. They invested in us in our toughest moment and we wouldn’t be here without them.
— GlobeSherpa Co-Founder & CEO, Nat Parker

GlobeSherpa is still growing, and we’re excited how this Oregon-based company is making an impact in Portland and beyond—now providing mobile ticketing and fare management technology to 12 large metros across North America. After merging with Daimler’s RideScout, they continue to grow their workforce here at home and extend their service worldwide.


Advice from GlobeSherpa Co-Founder & CEO, Nat Parker
“Find an early customer where you can pilot your idea, and get the feedback that will make you a success. If you solve their pain, they will be the best sales force you can ever find.”