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Perfect Company

Perfect Company attracted us immediately with its innovative take on kitchen product technology and goal to “turn anyone into a master chef.” It came as no surprise that they were previously toy makers—we could see they were bringing the same delight to a new retail audience.

At the beginning of our work together, Perfect Company had seen some success, and had a strong plan for selling more products. They knew how to collect incredibly unique data on consumers’ kitchen behaviors, but weren’t sure how to turn that data into a more scalable business proposition.

Year Founded


Year Invested

My partners and I had self-funded the company for two years before seeking investment. One of the most important things about running a startup is knowing what you don’t know and when to seek help. OAF really helped with that.
— Perfect Company Co-Founder & COO, Miriam Kim

We saw their potential from the get-go. OAF members started advising even before Perfect Company was officially considered for investment, helping them to develop strategy around data collection, analytics, and recruiting—including attracting a VP of Marketing and outside resources to help them achieve their ambitious goals. The clear success of this focused approach gave us the confidence to invest more than we typically would.

During the diligence process, Perfect Company found a seamless match in advisor Hugh Mackworth, one of our OAF investors evaluating the company. His experience in data-driven software companies made him ideal, and his one-on-one approach made a huge impact—leaving Perfect Company with more confidence for the next stage of growth and excitement for previously unforeseen opportunities.


Takeaways from Perfect Company CEO, Michael Wallace
“Our experience with OAF has been fantastic. It was incredible how much we learned about our own business simply by being forced to look at aspects we hadn’t considered. Adding Hugh and Ralph as board members has been amazing, and the experience of the whole OAF brain trust has helped us prepare for fast growth.”