Give and Take

Julianne Brands - Our model seems crazy, and probably shouldn’t work, but this book is the justification for why it does! In collaborative investing, it’s so important to place more value on others than yourself, and it requires that you give more than you take in order to benefit the group. On Eric’s recommendation, I read this book before I started at OAF, and it truly exemplifies how we view the world. A great read for both life and investing

Thinking Fast and Slow

Scott Sandler - This is a truly remarkable book by a really extraordinary author. Daniel Kahnemann won the Nobel in Economics, even though he’s a psychologist! He and his colleagues pretty much changed the world of behavior science by applying methods from “hard” science to the process of studying behavior, and proved some things that most will find pretty hard to accept about ourselves. I found it very enlightening about the process of evaluating investment opportunities, and entrepreneurs would do well to consider what the implications are for their beliefs about their businesses.