Our Core Team

Eric Rosenfeld

Eric co-founded the Oregon Angel Fund in 2007 as an experiment to combine the collective horsepower of a select group of active, accomplished angel investors and entrepreneurs with the rigor and discipline of a professional venture fund.

“Our hunch was that we might be able to make better decisions and add more value if we invited into the fund Oregon’s entrepreneur and technology leaders and equipped and empowered them to assist with researching, selecting, and advising the portfolio. Remarkably, it appears to be working!”

For Eric, the Oregon Angel Fund is a way to collaborate with old friends, and make new friends, in a manner that’s fun and rewarding on many levels.

A fourth-generation Portlander and former entrepreneur, Eric believes strongly in the transformative power of community and entrepreneurship, and is proud of the fund’s role in helping to shape Oregon’s economic future. He received his MBA from The Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has degrees in Industrial Engineering and American Studies from Stanford.


Scott Sandler

Scott grew up in Massachusetts, and after earning his degree in Computer Systems Engineering at UMass Amherst, he came west to Oregon in search of big mountains and to start his career at Intel, where he quickly discovered that he was really a startup kind of guy. Stints in customer support and marketing at four software startups followed before Scott became CEO of Novas Software, which had a successful exit in 2008. Having committed to do “something completely different” after Novas, he joined OAF as an investor in 2010 and as a member of the team in 2012.

Scott keeps a lot of balls in the air and strives to achieve the ideal of “excellent experience for everyone” as he manages the fund’s investment selection, diligence, and deal structuring. He believes that OAF is perfectly positioned to help build wealth for everyone involved—however they define it.

He thanks the George Meyer, the infamous Simpsons writer, for his mantra “Show up. Work hard. Be kind. Take the high road.”


Jon Maroney

Connecting & Cultivating
A son of entrepreneurs and a tech pioneer himself, Jon currently manages OAF outreach and entrepreneur partnership success. If you ask him, it’s a perfect fit, since he’s spent his lifetime in the startup world. Inspired by his first job as an assistant to a startup CEO, he quickly climbed and began founding companies of his own—including mobile internet successes StoryCode and FreeRange.

Fast forward to 2013, and Jon finds himself able to bring a unique perspective to eager entrepreneurs like him. “Startup CEOs are so busy building their product and getting customers that they sometimes don’t realize the story of the business is different. Having experience on both the investor and CEO side, I’m able to help them tell their story in a way that investors can quickly understand.”

Jon ran a technology accelerator called Amplify United, and upon meeting Eric (OAF co-founder), he realized they shared the same goal of growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Oregon.

He’s the first to admit that going from nothing to something is really hard, so he’s an active champion of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs to make the next generation’s experience a little bit easier.


Julianne Brands

Research & Analysis
If OAF had a mold for recruiting homegrown talent, it would be Julianne. Her family owns a thriving, 100-year-old Oregon-based business, so she knows first-hand the valuable impact businesses can have on local communities.

A former research analyst at an investment bank and an economic policy think tank, Julianne brings expertise in market research, finance, and emerging technology to help solve complex problems for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

When Julianne met the OAF team, it was an easy decision to join. In her own words: “It’s really about the people. We’ve cultivated a community of these intelligent, successful, dedicated, diverse, and deeply passionate investors. We leverage their expertise to help entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of their company, and in the process, use our collective wisdom to make better investment decisions.”

When she’s not talking to entrepreneurs about their next big idea, Julianne can be found within the Portland community—running trails in Forest Park, reading the (actual) newspaper, and volunteering as a coach for local youth sports teams.


Lynn Fletcher

Since 2011, Lynn has been the go-to person at Oregon Angel Fund. With a genuine smile, she manages the fund’s office and operations, including investor support services. She ensures all investors and entrepreneurs working with the fund have a first-class experience.

“I enjoy big ideas, small details, and everything in between. As head of operations, I’m involved in all aspects of OAF and get to bring everything and everyone together, which is very rewarding.”

Lynn started her career in retail and sales and thrives in customer service environments. As a native Oregonian she cares deeply for our state and takes pride in having a role in helping fellow Oregonians to achieve their dreams.

Matt Compton copy_3.jpg

Matt Compton

Portfolio Success Matt has been an active startup investor and advisor in Oregon for the past decade. Previously, he held various product, partnership, and marketing leadership roles at Yahoo! during their rapid growth period from 2002 to 2007. In 2008, he moved back to Oregon and began investing with the Oregon Angel Fund, leading our investment in Jama Software. He has been a venture backed CEO and, most recently, was COO of Simple Financial where he led its growth to 350 employees. 

Matt has served on the boards of several early and growth stage companies including Jama and Simple Financial and is currently on the board of REI.  He received a dual BA in Economics and International Relations from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Matt is a native Oregonian with a lifelong passion for the outdoors. Vacations with Amy, his wife, and two kids seem to always revolve around climbing, camping, or skiing.

“We are in the acceleration part of the curve for Oregon and our startup ecosystem. Over the next 10 years and beyond, there will be huge opportunities for entrepreneurs and venture investors. And best of all, we get to help build this ecosystem in a beautiful state where we love to live, work, and play.”


Brenda L. Meltebeke

Legal Counsel, Tonkon Torp

When not advising the fund and its portfolio, Brenda co-chairs the Tonkon Torp Entrepreneurial Services Practice Group. She and her team are deeply committed to the work of OAF and are passionate about structuring and preparing startups and growth companies for success.

With expertise in business counseling and general corporate law, Brenda and her team advise the fund and its portfolio companies almost daily on matters relating to financing, stock options, IP, employment law, contracts, M&A, and more.

Brenda brings a high level of enthusiasm to our team and a long list of accolades, including being named an Orchid Award winner by the Portland Business Journal for her business and civic contributions and Volunteer of the Year by the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.


Raymond Cheung, Rick Hawkins and Jason Imhof

Accountants, Geffen Mesher
As a venture capital fund, having a rock star team of accountants is hugely important, and that is exactly what we have in Richard Cheung, Rick Hawkins and Jason Imhof.

The pros at Geffen Mesher go way beyond the call of duty to support the fund, our portfolio companies, and other local entrepreneurs and growth companies with expert accounting, tax strategy, and advice. Because of their commitment to Oregon, high standards, and familiarity with the unique challenges facing early and growing companies, we’re proud to count them as a true partner in our efforts—they are indeed CPA rock stars.


Brian Skahan, Sunil Mohan and Jonathan Hum

Digital Advisory Board, AKQA
Established by AKQA, the ideas and innovation company, our Digital Advisory Board connects OAF’s portfolio companies to specialized expertise.

Founding members, Jonathan, Sunil, and Brian, were looking for a way to contribute to the Oregon business community when we met by happenstance.

They really connected to what we’re trying to achieve with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oregon and had a strong point of view on how their capabilities and relationships could help our companies grow, and achieve their potential.

The resulting partnership, OAF’s Digital Advisory Board, supports all our entrepreneurs with best-in-class digital strategy, marketing and brand strategy, product and business invention, design leadership and technology consulting.